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Sri Yantra Sustainable Wood Lasercut Wall Art or Crystal Grid

Sri Yantra Sustainable Wood Lasercut Wall Art or Crystal Grid

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This beautiful 12" wall-hanging art piece has been lasercut from sustainability-certified, non-toxic 1/4" interior grade plywood. It is unfinished - perfect for painting or staining however you want, no finish is required for interior use however. There may be some scorch marks remaining from the laser cutting process - this is normal as this manufacturing technique uses a high-powered light to burn through the wood. Currently made to order - ships in 1-3 weeks from our San Francisco Bay Area, California studio.

Sri Yantra, meaning "sacred instrument" in Sanskrit, is a sacred geometry pattern discovered and studied by ancient Hindu mystics in Indonesia and India. The Sri Yantra is first referred to in an Indonesian inscription dating to the seventh century C.E. It may have existed in India, its country of origin, long before the time of its introduction to Indonesia. The Sri Yantra is visualized as a place of spiritual pilgrimage. It is a representation of the cosmos at the macrocosmic level and of the human body at the microcosmic level, as each of the circuits correspond to a chakra of the body.

The Sri Yantra is a configuration of nine interlocking triangles, surrounded by two circles of lotus petals. The nine interlocking triangles are centered around the bindu (the central point of the diagram).There are five downward pointing triangles, representing Shakti ; the female principle, and four upright triangles, representing Shiva ; the male principle. The nine interlocking triangles form forty three small triangles each housing a presiding deity associated with particular aspects of existence.

Man's spiritual journey from the stage of material existence to ultimate enlightenment is mapped on the Sri Yantra. The spiritual journey is taken as a pilgrimage in which every step is an ascent to the center, a movement beyond one's limited existence, and every level is nearer to the goal. Such a journey is mapped in stages, and each of these stages corresponds with one of the circuits of which the Sri Yantra is composed from the outer plane to the bindu in the central triangle.

Ready to ship, ships within 1 week from the San Francisco Bay Area, California. Message for local pickup in the SF Bay Area!

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