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Mini Star Tetrahedron Sustainable Wood Lasercut Wall Art or Crystal Grid

Mini Star Tetrahedron Sustainable Wood Lasercut Wall Art or Crystal Grid

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This wall art or crystal grid is based on the 3D sacred geometry form known as the Star Tetrahedron. Also known as the Merkaba or light body, with a symmetrical hexagram shape as seen in the Star of David and snowflakes. The 3D form of this shape has one tetrahedron, or pyramid with all sides consisting of triangles, that points upward, with another pointing downward through its center. One is considered masculine, and the other feminine, and together represent unity of opposites in the heart center. This sixfold symmetry is the core pattern of the Flower of Life, which is also shown in the first steps of cells replicating to form a human being!

This beautiful 6" art piece has been lasercut from sustainability-certified, low-VOC interior grade 1/4" plywood. It is unfinished - perfect for painting or staining however you want. There may be some scorch marks remaining from the laser cutting process - this is normal as this manufacturing technique uses a high-powered light to burn through the wood.

Ready to ship and ships within 1 week from our SF Bay Area, California studios. Message for local pickup in the SF Bay Area!

Materials: wood,sustainable,plywood,sustainable plywood,laser cut,laser engraved,lasercut,laser,CNC,lowVOC,love

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