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Honeycomb Laser Cut Wall Stencil - Hexagons

Honeycomb Laser Cut Wall Stencil - Hexagons

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Now made with thicker material due to customer demand!

Bees are a traditional symbol of fertility. Their hexagonal-shaped honeycombs are considered a representation of the heart, and the honey within a metaphor for the sweetness of life. Bees serve as a reminder to stay focused, and work toward accomplishing one's dreams. Because for many years, scientists did not understand how bees are able to fly as their wings were thought too small for their bodies, bees are considered a symbol of accomplishing the seemingly impossible.

This Honeycomb stencil has been lasercut from 0.07mm Duralar, a clear, flexible, and durable polyester sheet. It is 14" x 11", with each repetition of the pattern being 2" across. It is designed to repeat at each side, making painting using it easy! It will produce a negative image of a honeycomb wherever you paint with it. Perfect for walls or other large areas.

Please note that there may be some scorch marks remaining from the laser cutting process - this is normal as this manufacturing technique uses a high-powered light to burn through the stencil material.

Ready to ship, ships within 1 week from the San Francisco Bay Area, California. Message for local pickup in the SF Bay Area!

Materials: Duralar,polyester,Epilog laser engraver,love

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