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Honeycomb Bill Clip in Recycled 925 Silver - Sacred Geometry - Hexagons

Honeycomb Bill Clip in Recycled 925 Silver - Sacred Geometry - Hexagons

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Bees' hexagonal-shaped honeycombs are considered a representation of the heart, and the honey within a metaphor for the sweetness of life. Bees serve as a reminder to stay focused, and work toward accomplishing one's dreams. Because for many years, scientists did not understand how bees are able to fly as their wings were thought too small for their bodies, bees are considered a symbol of accomplishing the seemingly impossible.

This 0.75" x 0.575" x 0.125"/23mm x 18mm x 5mm bill clip has been cast and hand forged from real beeswax honeycomb starter sheet in Sterling Silver, a traditional alloy of silver and copper. On the metaphysical level, silver is reflective and is said to mirror the soul, bringing people calm and balance. Silver is used to "draw down the moon," giving the wearer use of the moons energy and protecting them from negativity.

All Biomorphics castings are made using recycled silver, reclaimed from the local Silicon Valley e-waste stream. In addition, we recycle metal from the casting process itself as well as other sources including scrap sheet metal and wire from our studio, old flatware and jewelry found at thrift stores or given to us as gifts, and the casting process itself!

Ready to ship, ships within 1 week from the San Francisco Bay Area, California. Message for local pickup in the SF Bay Area!

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