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Cedar Forest CNC Cut Vinyl Stickers/Decals

Cedar Forest CNC Cut Vinyl Stickers/Decals

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Computer-cut from original vector art by Jamie Greene in forest green adhesive vinyl, this set of stickers is modeled after the foliage of the western redcedar tree. Western Redcedar (Thuja plicata) is a tree that grows in the coastal Pacific Northwest. The native tribes in that region used the cedar tree in many ways – the wood for building canoes, boxes, and longhouses, the outer bark fiber for making ropes, clothing, and baskets, the inner bark fiber to carry fire from place to place, and the leaves provided a medicine in the form of Vitamin C during the cool, overcast, and rainy winters the Northwest is famous for.

Ready to ship, ships within 1 week from the San Francisco Bay Area, California. Message for local pickup in the SF Bay Area!

Materials: forest green adhesive vinyl,CNC vinyl cutter,love

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